The Art of Lunch is a unique showcase for the talents of Blue Mountains Chefs, Artists and Musicians. Gallery and restaurant venues are working together with the Art of Lunch team and local creatives to maximise your enjoyment of the full sensory experience of a long Sunday lunch. Each event is thematic, there is a monthly matchmaking of menu, art and music.

The Avalon in Katoomba Street is a favourite with locals, notable for its ingenious character and ambience, Transformed from an old Art Deco theatre, the cocktail bar and restaurant are replete with retro furnishings and decor. But there’s something new afoot, as restauranteurs Dylan Brookes, David Cartwright and their culinary team took up the challenge to host an Art of Lunch event on the last Sunday of each month from May to October. 

An Indigenous theme launched the Avalon’s Art of Lunch event on 26 May, featuring award-winning Darug artist Shane Smithers, whose traditional country extends into the Blue Mountains. Skillfully played didgerrido replaced background music and an inspired menu highlighted Australian bush flavours and spices.

In June, the Avalon segues into a different theme, ‘Dancing Light’, with artist Rachel Hannah, who will also perform as a duo with John Stuart. The flavourful menu matches the theme with vibrant colours and varied textures

July’s setting is New Orleans ‘Music Hall’, crowded, buzzing and vibrant. Jason Thornton duo transports us to Frenchman’s Street, famous for players from jazz to blues to reggae. Peter Shoemark’s remarkable talent for transforming scrap into sculpture is matched by the humour in his pieces. Cajun food is equally rich and spicy, a perfect complement to this eclectic set.

‘Hollywood Surreal’ is the theme for August; Anna di Mezza’s draws on the rich, idealised imagery found in vintage magazines and films, imagining Hollywood-style actors in surreal chance encounters. Add spell-binding music by Miriam Liebman playing kora and guitar and Kate Adams on cello add to the atmospherics.

If you’re a Gatsby fan you’ll love September’s theme, ‘Days of Wine and Roses’, with Gerlinde’s exquisite artworks of languorous ladies and Maizy Coombes soulful violin. The Avalon culinary team will go wild with food made of wine and roses.

In October it’s ‘A Few of the Legends’ celebrating  the launch of a book of epic proportions by photographer/writer/artist Peter Adams who travelled the world photographing and interviewing 100 photographers whose iconic images are fixed in our cultural memory. Add some notable Blue Mountains musicians and a menu of legendary dishes to this lavish lunch.

An example of an AoL menu
(AoL June 30 ‘Dancing Light’)


Grilled Vegetable , Roquette and Goats Cheese Terrine, wrapped in braised leek, with a spiced capsicum swirl


Rack of Lamb Diablo with agave black sesame carrots, pickled saffron and turmeric cauliflower, sweet potato and salsa verde


Forrest Berry and White Chocolate Egg, on a toffee nest with creme de menthe reduction

Art of Lunch | Avalon Restaurant | Music Hall | Peter Shoemark (Shoey) & Jason Thornton Duo

The Art of Lunch project was created by Earthly Delights Events and has received funding from the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund, as well as support from local enterprises such as Scenic World and BMR Accounting.

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