Looking for somewhere to spend Sunday Lunch!

The Art of Lunch is on again this Sunday at the Avalon Restaurant at the top of Katoomba Street and at Echoes Restaurant in South Katoomba.

Pick your favourite Menu and book now using the links below as a solo or group.


Art of Lunch-New Orleans, Artists: Shoey, Thornton + Alldridge

8th July | New Orleans| Cajun Food | Artist-Shoey / Muso’s-Jason Thornton-Saxophne/ Ray Alldridge-Keys

Come along 12-2pm Sunday 28th July at Avalon Restaurant enjoy a New Orleans Cajun Menu with moody music by Jason Thornton on Saxophone plus Ray Alldridge on Keys in a one-off show. Meet the Artist Peter Shoemark who reveals his whimsical junk sculptures in his exhibition “Shoey Steps into the Music Hall”

TICKETS are $90.
BOOK A seat or a table *group booking for 6 people and Save 10%
https://www.avalonkatoomba.com.au/events/2019/7/28/art-of-lunch .
Avalon on (02) 4782 5532

‘Blue Mountains Bohemia’
A sumptuous long lunch + Norman Lindsay Art + Joanne King as Rose Lindsay + Llew Kiek on Lutes at Echoes Restaurant
The Head Chef of the Escarpment Group, Saran Sasikumar, has dreamed up an exotic menu with a mysterious Magic Pudding. Following the sumptuous meal, there will be a 30-minute concert with a musician, varying each month.Meal and entertainment.

The Musician: Llew Kiek – Lute
Llew Kiek is one of Australia’s foremost world music and early music plucked string players. He brings to life the instrument featured in the artwork on loan from Norman Lindsay Gallery titled “The Lute Player“
For The Art of Lunch he will perform on long and short necked lutes: bouzouki, baglama, oud and gittern.

TICKETS are $130
Book a Table here
A Feast For all the Senses!
Echoes: +61 2 4782 1966