This month at the Avalon we exhibit the art of Gerlinde Thomas. Art critic Jimmy Vargas wrote this of Gerlinde’s work.

Gerlinde paints with a camera eye. As if she herself is composing a singular celluloid frame by hand, guided by the dappling fingers of the classic filmmakers of l’epoca d’oro (golden era), Hurell, Stroheim and Von Sternberg.

Stirring faint memories we may or may not have had.

Gerlinde’s opuses are soaked in a luscious nostalgia, veneered with the patina hint of a Modern Screen magazine circa 1932, rescued from a forgotten valise in a decaying movie house, resurrecting, potent with cinematic volt charge.

The tint, too, may well suggest a veil of mourning for ‘la temps perdu(forgotten times), but the female subjects themselves do not invite pity. They are resolute and defiant in their gaze, exhibiting vaingloria and joy, or in some singular cases, bearing the frigidaire chill of a blonde temptress, as she steps out from the S & M frame of an Hitchcockian dream cel.

Gerlinde’s work is both a nitrate communion and transubstantiation. From Flesh to Film to Paint.

Unveiling the Isisian image of Garbo, Ava Gardner, Carol Lombard, Clara Bow and recalling their Euripidean antecedents of the greek goddesses.

They, now reborn, sanctified with fresh names in this their twenty-first century reincarnation.”


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