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Jo Langley

From her vantage point at Blackheath, Jo Langley finds delight and inspiration in the diversity of Blue Mountains environments. Intersections of art and environment, nature and culture, are at play in her digital montages that capture the essence of the world around us. From sweeping views of ancient rock faces and forests to the moody, gnarled conifers that line residential streets and parks.

Immersing herself in the preparatory stage, Jo observes, selects and photoographs vistas of wilderness landscapes and cloud formations, as well as close-ups of embelmatic flora and decorative detail.  She incorporates the light and colour that changes depending on the time of day, weather and extremes of season.  She spends countless hours collaging digital images, a meticulous process of layering and merging elements into the completed image, using processes similar to the traditional techniques of assembling collages.

Jo’s ‘Blue Mountains’ suite incorporates her fascination with Folk Art – that is the traditional decorative expression of the culture and community of ordinary people and their inherent aesthetic possibilites.  Her montages are edged with borders replicating antique or retro friezes, whether drawn from decorative historical photographs and frames, posters and postcards,, or old fashioned stamped tin designs such as the lids of biscuit tins.


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Jo Langley

Jo Langley has worked extensively with design and illustration, collage, pencil, paint and digital media. She has been developing her ‘Blue Mountains’ suite of digital collage since 2015. They have evolved from her ‘Folk Àrt’ collages produced from 2013.

Her digital art works are printed on 310 gsm acid free cotton rag paper, using archival pigment Based inks.

Prior to 2013, Jo’s career evolved from her studies in art and education to teaching visual arts and her interests in graphic design, collqge qnd digital imqging. She is now an established artist who has successfully exhibited in the Blue Mountains and beyond. She has been a finalist in significant art awards.

Jo Langley

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions – 2019

‘Art of Lunch’ at the Avalon Restaurant
Opening 27th October 2019 though to 24th November, 2019